Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Portrait of Sonia (Henri Fantin-Latour), Sonnet #199

For Frank Wilson

We can't withstand a woman's eyes for long.
We will turn away from disinterest
Or hauteur, and a contemplative stare,
Which, like a physician's probe, would prolong
The moment of contact, will cruelly test
Our dissembling, to appear not to care.

"My Sonia," thinks Henri, "I have you now!
Your Tiger's Eye eyes and each petted brow,
Your smile, not lips, but your entire face,
Offering, accepting a smile's grace."

We meet Sonia and cannot turn away.
Her eyes accept our ardor without fear
Or love or pride or caring what we say
In her honor, which she will never hear.

I have dedicated this sonnet to Frank Wilson in 
gratitude for linking to Zealotry of Guerin
for the last three years from his fine literary
blog, Books Inq.
Also, to thank him for suggesting this 
beautiful Portrait of Sonia.

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