Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Moth (Balthus)


A woman had a vision of a butterfly
Or was it a moth? Neither belonged in her mind,
Or so she thought. She reached out to touch it,
But the baby inside her begged her not to try.
It hovered near the oil lamp, then around behind
Her, teasing her. She'd turn left, right, but it would flit
To stay unseen, then fly overhead, fluttering
Just above her eyes, turning back toward the light,
Which responded to its fleet wings by guttering.
She took a thread from her towel and flung it right
Across its thorax, caught the other end and made
A knot -- dandled it on its leash. It flew until
She pulled too hard -- the moth began to fade
Until the world it left behind grew still.

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