Monday, November 11, 2013

The Ultra-Deep Field (Hubble Telescope)



A near infinity away a rock
Lies on the surface of a silent moon.

No one will ever touch it, but it's there.
An asteroid will slam nearby -- the shock
Will leave only the granules of a dune,
Cooling in the faintest stellar glare.

They pointed the Hubble at a starless
Hole near Orion and found galaxies
Where they thought to uncover emptiness.
They're nothing you or I will ever see.

I think at night of that rock and its kind,
Far more numerous than beams of starlight.
I'm their thoughts, unbounded, seeking to find
A life amidst the interstellar blight.


And if I could go to the universe's edge
(Even infinity, of course, has its limit),
Would I attain unimaginable knowledge,
Or discover that redundancy is infinite?

Why are there so damn many useless things out there?
A star can die, but none of us will weep.
Asteroids could kill millions any time or where.
Even the Big Bang didn't make a peep.

Like us, starlight is invisible until it
Illuminates an object with its energy.
We have a thought and something happens on the earth.
When I pass on will the universe still be lit?

I don't presume that everything will cease to be,
But more than me came into being with my birth.

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