Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Bad Doctors (James Ensor)


Three Scrips for Bad Doctors

Mr. Ill was given a potent pill
(And a bill), and though it didn't quite kill
Him, it induced the drafting of his will.
Doc Diploma diagnosed lymphoma
Upon sniffing whiffs of Ill's aroma.
Dr. Pain declared the patient insane:
"Shock therapy will teach him to complain!"

We assume eight years of school and residency
Is rich justification for complacency.
We trust there's nothing more to learn after all that.
Give those you can't diagnose a scrip, a kindly pat.
Has it occurred to you to do more research, stat?

The doctors (and a butcher) have almost killed the tapeworm.
Death stands by to assist physicians, the most welcome germ.

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