Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hyde Mill (Sandy Ellarson)


They moved the river to build the water wheel,
Then built a wooden race to divert the current.
Sluice opened, stones ground raw grain into meal
For a hundred years, until the old mill was spent.
River turning wheel turning gears turning stone,
A devolution of mechanics all to crush a seed.
The sun burns for years to dry an animal's bones,
And countless gallons of water won't break a reed.
I'm reluctant to approach the mill too closely
(Its ancient timbers are desiccated, ghostly),
Hear its stoppage rasped by the river's relentless
Passage over the shattered race's detritus.
Away from the wreck, a little waterfall churns
Spray, wrack, and spume, and, like time, it burns.

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