Thursday, August 9, 2012

Untitled (Alice Guerin)


We should all live in homes on stilts,
As I did once (and now again).
Officer's quarters in the Philippines
Like godown barns, were built
On cement pillars typhoon rains
Relentlessly surged between.
My daughter depicts our home
High above the ocean, a rowboat
Tied close to negotiate the moat,
Barely visible through foggy foam.
Will all be well when the storms
Blow in and the waves swarm?
She holds the image in her hands,
Raising her home above dry land.

Note: This stunning and unusual artwork, by my daughter Alice,
is composed of a drawing photoprinted on silk, then covered with
another layer of silk, which lends the work an ethereal atmosphere,
as if the house (which is our house) is visible only through rolling fog.

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