Thursday, April 26, 2012

At The Moulin Rouge (Toulouse-Lautrec)


Lautrec depicts himself disappearing
Into a taller man, but what is seen
By the canvas is from the eye of a giant
Looking down, unseen by walls mirroring
A room dimly lit, tinted brown and green,
A perspective superior and defiant.
Gentlemen wear top hats indoors;
A woman's dress is meant to mimic or
Obliterate her intimate contours --
All defenses evaporated in liquor.
He knows this world and loves its heat,
Texture, and voice, the loveliness of a face
Upturned to his own, green too, but sweet,
With a smile to make his mad heart race.

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Dhiraj said...

Yes he does evoke poetry and the sentiments of the sort depicted in your lines. Congratulations.